Wild Symbol Slot Feature: What Is It and How It Works?

The most popular types of wilds you will encounter in online slots are regular wilds, multiplier wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, stacked wilds, and moving wilds. Wild symbols pay out based on the highest paying symbols on the winning payline or the entire screen. Wild symbols are among the most sought-after symbols in slot machines since they give slot players the chance to multiply their winnings. Almost all online slots games are equipped with wilds, and many slot players will only consider playing slot titles where wild symbols are included. Wild symbols are an exciting feature and are available in different types, so slot players can choose their preferred slot games based on the wilds that feature. But sticky wilds mostly appear on slot games when a bonus spins feature is triggered.

  • Hence, it is useful to know what type of wilds feature in a slot game as they can result in various levels of wins.
  • Once that symbol leaves the display, you’ll get one last free spin, after which you will return to normal play.
  • Regular wilds do not always guarantee a winning line as in some cases one wild symbol might not make the required combination with other symbols on the reels.
  • Wild symbols help players try to get more wins, by creating the opportunity to turn what would have been a non-winning spin into a win.
  • While stacked wilds can only cover the reel vertically, expanding wilds can multiply in any direction on the grid.

Remember that every symbol can be replaced as long as it is not a bonus symbol. This means that wild symbols cannot replace scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, and other bonus rounds. These wild symbols are bonuses and may lead to special prizes in the form of payouts. In some uk slot games, the wild symbols pay out higher than the regular symbols; it is sometimes the highest paying symbol in the game.

Wild Symbol in Online Slots

Yet another variety of wild symbols is the sticky wild symbol, Sticky Wilds work just like any other wild symbol – they substitute any symbol on a reel. Each game may have unique wild symbols, all depending on the design and overall theme of the game. For example, the slot game based on the famous band Guns n Roses has the brand’s logo as its wild symbol! Similarly, a very popular slot game called Starburst has a colorful star as its wild symbol. There are different types of wild symbols, each with their specific features. These have been discussed below with examples of the most popular ones.

How do wild symbols work in slot games?

You knew that you just need to match the same three symbols and the machine will pay you out a sum according to the symbol you’ve matched. For a great example of a game with Expanding Wilds, check out the classic slot Starburst, which is known for its spinning star wheel that expands to fill the whole reel. Expanding Wilds on Starburst can then lead you to get Sticky Wilds, which brings us to our next type of Wild symbol. If you’ve played the Jokers european roulette play Wild version of Video Poker before, then you must be knowing the Joker card’s function. The Joker card, which usually lies idle in the card deck, is occasionally brought up in the game and can act as any other card the player wants. The role of a Scatter symbol can vary from one slot to another, but the fact remains that this is the most powerful symbol in the game. Its primary function is to be active even if it doesn’t appear on a winning line.

Wild Symbols in Slot Machines

Sticky wilds and walking wilds are a bit rarer but provide an exciting gaming experience, too. Some wild symbols simply carry out the basic function of completing winning combinations. However, others may have extra features such as staying on the screen for further spins, expanding across the reels and so on. As such, you have a greater chance of collecting additional winnings than you otherwise did. So if you’re someone who plays slots just for the prize, you’ll love wild symbols! Do keep in mind that the only exceptions are the bonus symbols and scatter symbols. The scatter symbols are supposed to pay regardless of where they appear.

Finding Slot Games with Exciting Wild Symbol Features

Of course, this can get a bit more complicated once you factor in more reels and different pay lines. Also, you may have noticed that most top online slots list separate paytables for Wild symbols. Why do they need these if they just adapt to other symbols, you may ask? Well, there’s still the possibility of arranging three (or more) consecutive Wilds in a payline. Now that you know everything about wild symbols, it is time to head over to JeffBet and try out exciting slot machines that come with wild symbols. As mentioned above, the design of the wild symbols depends on the specific theme of the slot game.

Oh, what would slot lovers do without the excitement, wins and fun that comes with Wild Symbols for slots? Even when you think you are having a bad day at your slots, Wilds will come in and brighten up the day for you. These can help you win by replacing other symbols hence forming winning combinations. Nowadays, it is rare to open a video slot and not spot these luck-enhancing symbols. Wild symbols in slots are used to replace any paying symbol to complete a win. If a slot has several wild symbols that can lead to big wins or special bonus rounds with jackpots, this game is likely going to be at the higher end of the volatility scale.

In a slot game, the wild symbol is synonymous with the ‘Joker’ card in a deck of cards. After all, they can make all the difference in turning your spin into a win. If you’re new to slot games, though, you might be wondering how Wilds work. Modern slots are a world away from the Liberty Bell, the oldest slot machine and the first one-armed bandit invented by Charles Fey for the Bell Fruit Gum Company. It’s important to understand each type of wild symbol, their mechanics and what to expect out of them.

Stacked wild symbols are symbols that appear on top of each other. These symbols appear to be stacked upon one another and are great for potentially helping form winning combinations. There’s no fixed rule as to which symbol the wild symbol should be, but you can always identify the wild symbol by opening the payout table before playing. The first can pop up in the base game, while the second might be triggered in a bonus game.


Typically, most slot games won’t have wild symbols on each and every reel, but on specific reels, such as two and four, three, and five. So always make sure you read the rules of the slot game regarding wild symbols – they could differ based on the game. The best thing about playing slots online is that you can have a lot of fun for little or no money, so there’s nothing lost by giving it a try. A Wild symbol can act as a substitute, or fill in for different symbols, in order to create winning combinations.

A win requires that you land a combination of three or more wild symbols on an active payline. Each slot game comes with an array of symbols, both special and regular, which makes landing three or more matching wilds on one pay line a challenge. Wild Symbols in slots are special symbols that can replace any other regular-paying one. In truth, slot wild symbols are as varied as they are widespread. Not only are they one of the most common special features in online slot games – each is a bit different as well. While stacked wilds can only cover the reel vertically, expanding wilds can multiply in any direction on the grid. In some instances, these wild icons can go on to cover the entire grid to activate the jackpot round.

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The slot is popular with fans of wild symbol variations as it also features multiplier wilds. Multiplier wilds function in the same way as regular wilds on online casino slots, but with an important difference. Multiplier symbols also have multiplier values attached which means any win is multiplied by the amount attached to these wild symbols. The world of wild symbols is very diverse as game makers constantly look for opportunities to assign them with new functions. A classic wild slot symbol only replaces other symbols to create a win, if possible. Furthermore, certain wild symbols in certain slot games also come with their own prizes. So, enjoyment and an element of extra randomness are the main goals here.

The free spins are often accompanied by sticky symbols, giving slot players the chance to win big – this is due to the winning combinations activated by this type of wild symbol. In many slot machines, wild symbols are either integrated to hefty jackpots, free spins or other kinds of bonus funds. The main purpose of wild symbols is to substitute all regular symbols in the game. Doing so can help achieve winning combinations, as the wild symbol can complete winning paylines.

In some games, such a wild can expand horizontally to cover an entire row instead of a reel. Let’s find out what makes a wild icon so special, how to tell the type of wilds a certain game features, and which online slots offer punters the wildest experience. A variation of Sticky wilds, Moving Wild Symbols also stick to the reels, through multiple spins. However, Moving Wilds do not stay in the same position and they will bounce on the reels to give you the best winning combination. You can find Moving Wilds in games like Pinnochio and Jack and The Beanstalk.

The exception is in those cases where the wild comes with a multiplier to boost the value of any win it takes part in. This is a bit of an umbrella term, but Expanding Wilds generally do one thing – expand. Essentially, this refers to a symbol that grows to expand beyond occupying just one place on one reel. Sometimes they occupy a whole reel or row, sometimes they turn into clusters of Wild Symbols. Like other types of Wilds, Rushing Wilds are often activated during Free Spins, and are great for making the winning streaks last longer.