What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming is a nascent technology in the videogame industry. It allows gamers to stream games using an internet connection that is high-speed rather than using their local hardware, like a console or PC. It’s similar to Netflix(r), Hulu(r) or Google Chromecast(tm) and allows players to play games on devices they already own. This includes a laptop, TV or tablet, Android or Apple phone, Amazon Fire TV Stick ™ or Google Chromecast(tm).

With a stable, fast Internet connection with low latency and powerful server hardware, gamers can enjoy high-end gaming on nearly every device, regardless of the capabilities of the hardware. This could transform gaming by making it more accessible to players who might not have money or desire to buy a traditional gaming setup.

Publishers can also monetize their games through cloud-based gaming. Subscription-based service providers allow players to access a library of games for a monthly fee and generate predictable cash flow and recurring revenue. Publishers can make the most of their revenue by maximizing in-game purchases and by establishing digital storefronts.

Cloud-based game development is also able to improve collaboration between teams and help create a more cohesive workflow. Developers can create better games using central environments that allow for code sharing, asset tracking, and real-time communication.

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