Secure Online Data Repository

Secure Online Data Repository

A secure data repository is an information storage system that is centrally located. The data is then used for business analysis and decision-making by authorized users. The central system makes it simple to analyse and share large amounts of data, which could otherwise be difficult. The use of secure data storage aids in improving data management by ensuring that policies and procedures are applied consistently across various data sources.

Create a secure data repository that adheres to best practices to help your company improve data analysis, reporting and collaboration between departments. The most important thing is to identify an individual who is able to engage the departmental stakeholders throughout the process and maintain their involvement after the solution is deployed.

Look into software that offers encryption at rest as well as during transmission in order to protect a Secure Data Repository. This will prevent sensitive data from being read or manipulated by unauthorized users. It is also recommended to choose a Secure data repository that provides access controls as well as security protocols, and monitoring of data integrity.

For clinical research/study data, it is recommended to place the data in a repository designed specifically to serve this purpose. Vivli (link is external) is an example of a UCLA researcher’s membership in an institution, and the NIH supported Clinical Data Repository are two examples. Both are designed to provide secure, long-term storage, data reuse and accessibility to different communities.

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