How CISOs Can Bridge the Gap Between Boardroom Security and the Business World

Security in the boardroom has become an issue of major concern. With the recent high-profile data breaches hitting headlines, and shareholder proposals attempting to link CEO pay to cybersecurity performance, boards are increasingly concerned about this issue. However, CISOs must face the daunting task of communicating with business leaders who may not know what information to request or how to interpret cybersecurity jargon.

Cyber risk is no more seen as the purview of technology teams in distant server rooms; it’s an essential business risk and boards need to understand it at their level. They want to see how their company is performing in comparison to its peers, and they should be in a position to make decisions based on clear and quantifiable metrics.

In order to do this it is essential to have the right framework in place. This includes an online portal for your board that makes sharing easy and collaboration. This means that your board members won’t need to communicate over email or other unprotected messaging platforms, which creates a higher chance of being vulnerable to malware and hacks. A board management software that provides multilayer encryption and secure collaboration is a great way to safeguard against the majority of common dangers.

CISOs can also bridge the gap between the world of business and security by providing board members with cyber risk statistics in real-time, coordinating security goals with business objectives, and informing board members on cybersecurity nuances. This will allow security teams to have more productive conversations with their counterparts in the business world and ensure that there are clear communication lines between the two.